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Mission and Goals


Acquiring economic ability in ICT with minimum assignment;

  • Partnership in establishment of economic value creation chain with approach of discontinuation;
  • Managing affiliated units and companies optimally;
  • Buying a part of shares of famous foreign companies in ICT;
  • Selling a part of shares of dependent and affiliated companies to famous domestic and foreign companies;
  • Updating technology;
  • Membership of professional associations







>> Goals

Establishment of an efficient and knowledge-centered organization with maximum productivity;

    •  Continuous and stable growth of services and processes standards;

    • Active participation in ICT international markets;
    • Use of already prepared opportunities arisen from execution of policies of Principle 44 of the Constitution;
    • Absorption of partnership of entrepreneurs and domestic & foreign investors in ICT;
    • A collection of motivated, faithful and entrepreneur human resources, and help to their development;
    • Protection of beneficiaries’ rights and benefits














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